My name is Ellisif Ýr Heiðdal and I am a creative Icelander

living in Horsens, Denmark. 


Art has always been a big part of my life. Whether it's drawing, painting, sewing, sculpting, photographing etc... If I can get my hands on it, you bet I'll be playing with it!


Over the years I've made costumes, props, face-/bodypaints and accessories for various events and photoshoots. I have been a self-taught freelance makeup artist since 2011 - specializing in bodypainting and special effects but with a passion for all types of makeup - and in october 2018 I graduated as a garment technologist (tailor & pattern maker).


I have merged my skills and crafts to form the brand Heiðdal, offering my clients a variety of services including, but not limited to, the services listed to the right, which can of course be combined with each other for a full package deal.


If you want to combine two or more services or if you have a request for something that isn't on the list, please contact info@heiddal.dk



Women's wear

    - Casual

    - Evening

    - Prom

    - Wedding


Men's wear

   - Business

   - Evening



   - Fur & Leather

   - Pets




Special Occasions

   - Evening

   - Prom

   - Wedding

Photoshoots & Film

   - Beauty

   - Fashion

   - Fantasy

   - Special Effects

info@heiddal.dk  |  Tel: +45 2819 6437

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